Rangoli Designs are the soul of Indian Festivals

India is a country where the number of festivals is the maximum. The country gives importance to the festivals and all of them begin with good Rangoli designs. Diwali is the favorite festival and these designs are drawn by people for all the five days. Rangoli for Diwali is also being popular among the outside country people.

Indian people are very creative and they use their innovative vision for designs of Rangoli. They draw these designs as per the background of that day. It means the first day is dhanteras and they draw the Rangoli with the design of some ornaments and this Rangoli can be extremely symbolic. The second day being the nark chaturdashi and they draw the designs of the god and make that beautiful with different colors. On the third day they celebrate the Laxmi Pujan and they draw the Rangoli with the design of goddess Laxmi on it and they believe that Laxmi will enter your house that day and this is the manner they welcome her. On The day of padwa, people celebrate the New Year and draw designs fro welcoming the New Year. On the day of bhaibeej, they decorate Rangoli in different ways and draw the designs of brother, sisters and brotherhood. This is the way they put Rangoli on all five days and make their home look very beautiful.

The Rangoli can be done in different manners. Some people make use of the Rangoli colors while some of the people make use of different beads, lamps, and any other materials. There are   many types of designs and you can select the best one. If you are doing that for the first time, then you can draw it with the help of dots. You can join the dots with thin lines and make a beautiful design easily. You can also try a free hand design, but your drawing should be good enough for that. You can also take the fresh flowers and draw designs with it. This type of Diwali Rangoli designs looks very good. This can be a natural want to draw such designs. People just do not draw these for decoration purpose, but they also do this for making their home pure as it is the sign of purity. They believe that Rangoli will help you to make the home free from the evil power and it will enrich the house with new energy. Some people also think that the Rangoli designs will bring you good luck. This is an art which is being taught from the older generation to the newer. So you can also make Rangoli for Diwali at your home and make your home pure and enrich with a positive energy. So get the best designs, and make your Diwali wonderful.




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