Good Rangoli Designs From Chhattisgarh India

A must for favorable occasions, floor painting was a part of daily life. Dirt floors were made good-looking with a painting at the entrance. These pictures are also a sign of welcome. Rangoli is now becoming the part of the holistic life of the society in India.

Rangoli Designs From Chhattisgarh:

It is the country who is one of the originated of the art of floor painting or ‘Rangoli’. It is the part of each and every occasion of this country. Chhattisgarh is the new state of this India and also well popular for its unique celebration style of various happy events of the life.

In Chhattisgarh there is a universal and most celebrated festival of India called ‘Diwali’ is the moment of celebration of Victory of righteousness over the evils. It is the time to celebrate this festival with the fabulous drawings of floor paintings. That days, Many Women, Girls or others are penetrating for Rangoli Designs, blossom Rangoli Design, Rangoli Pattern, Rangoli drawing With Dots, Diwali Rangoli Design etc. Rangoli is formed on the earth, created from multicolored powders and the leaves of plants but in a few places Rangoli is created on water.

Rangoli is the way for the women and girls of this unique state of India to show the talent of the human imagination through creation on the floors. As like the festival of Diwali people of Chhattisgarh also uses this skill to celebrate or make the happy moments of life to memorable. Rangoli is the true art of Chhattisgarh.

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