Arabic Mehndi Designs

Mehndi, henaa and Tattoo Designs are most popular art form In Arabic Countries, thus a special name came from this unique art work that is called as “Arabic Mehndi Designs”.

Henaa or mehndi are used by women here to decorate their palm hands or feet. Various kind of mehndi designs are available that improve the look of hands and feet of a person. “Arabic mehandi designs” is one of that is very famous in Arabic countries .

Arabic mehndi designs” are very unique and special type of mehndi designs. In this type of designs much more part if left blank, but Wherever it applied would to thin and dark.

Corner, border of hands and feet’s are generally left blank and middle of both on both sides fill up with designs and patterns of Arabic designs.

In many Arabic Mehndi designs more then average space is left blank between the designs and patterns and no blank space is leaved at corner and border of Hands and feet’s. It put a unique look over the hands and feet’s.

Arabic Mehndi Designs includes vines and leaves with beautiful flowers to decorate the Hands and feet’s of person. Peacock. Kalash and Squire Patterns is not uses in this type of Designs.

All the Patterns of Arabic Mehndi designs are too charming and have Eye-Catching look. these designs needed too much Hard work and finishing because of its thin and tough Patterns.

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