Rangoli Pictures and Photos – Rangoli Kolam Pictures

An Example of Butterfly and Flower Kolam.

Rangoli pictures are so popular in school going girls and housewives of India. we can see many pictures of rangoli at every palace and area like bus stand, market, school, college, fairs etc.

Students always try to make different design with Rangoli, so they shows there homes looks good and special.

Women try a lot to get new and beautiful unique rangoli picture or photos so they can decorate their homes like that. Many girls search picture and photos of rangoli in college library, internet and newspapers also. we can see new and unique designs of rangoli images from T.V., computer, books, etc. writers or design makers prepares many quality books for students to learn making of Rangoli art.

Some of Rangoli Photos :

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  1. pleeeeeeeeeeez send me sum nyc n unique rangoli designs …….pls its my competitionon saturday………

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