Know About Sanskaar Bharti Rangoli

Many types of rituals and traditions are followed in India form lighting the lamps in Diwali to putting Tulsi tree in front of the house and one among these is rangoli. Rangoli is a folk art made on the front of the house on the floor. The idea behind it is, welcoming the Hindu deities and guest on the festivals and occasions like marriage, Diwali, any pooja and many more.

Sanskar Bhatrti Rangoli is one of the famous Rangoli in Maharashtra style. It is a free hand style of rangoli, the design is either drawn with three or five fingers or with the fist. In this style of rangoli, colored powder used for drawing the design on the floor as a carpet. Now, wide nets are used for spreading the colors for getting the design style of this Rangoli. In the traditional rangoli, the powder is pinched with fingers and draw in shapes and lines on the floor

Sanskar Rangoli are said Sanskar Bharti due to the design and pattern which is made with any circles that represents Sanskar of India. Traditional designs are drawn in round shape and the size is depending on the number of Rangoli circles. The new trend of Rangoli is made in many geometric shapes and sizes. You will get a feel of a sandpainting decoration with the use of white powder and color powders. In one way it is the way of expressing the art while at the same time it brings the festive and function enlightened. The term Rangoli or otherwise Rangavali is the word derived from rang means color and aavali means a row of colors.

The designs with concentric circles are common sanskar bharti designs; you make the design and fill some colors in the circles or add some complicated patterns with fine lines. The vibrant colors of these designs make it more attractive. To make a grant one add more circles to it. Flower design is also a nice pattern of this rangoli. A flower in the center and add some petal shapes around it is one of the typical designs. The flower outlines will include more detailing to make it more comprehensive or say complicated.

White border rangoli is also one pattern with white powder only. Though the color powder is not used in this, but the detailed design is enough to attract the attention of onlookers and this make it praiseworthy like others. The pattern with a circle in the center with more circles or geometric pattern and flower petals in the surrounding is an amazing rangoli design and if you add diyas to this design, it will look more beautiful. Those who have great experience will make fine patterns of criss cross lines and geometrical shapes. The method of this rangoli is also same, namely but circle in the middle and with attractive colors enhance the circle. In sanskar bharti rangoli, you can change a simple design into a vibrant color design with the right color combination and by keeping the work neat and precise.

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