Preparing Rangoli or Kolam Designs – Design of Rangoli

Rangoli or Kolam is a beautiful and a charming human art. Rangoli or Rangavali means rows of colors. Rangoli is one of the arts which based on imagination power of human beings. It is a natural talent of women who believed in artistic fun. Making of rangoli is not so hard while it’s so simple and no requirement of any type of expertise.

A rangoli pattern will not be same in case if it makes by others. In northern parts ofIndiait is famous as rangoli whereas it is popular as kolam, alpana etc in northern parts of the country. It is a symbol of welcome of guest which mostly make on front of houses or walls.

Making of Rangoli Patterns:

  • Arrange the Materials such as flour, colored chalk, colors, rice gains, coloring pencil or brush.
  • Decide the design in mind which is wanted to make.
  • Clear the floor or wall where rangoli want to make.
  • Mathematically decide how to make than make dots, lines and curves which are needs of designs.
  • Use the colors and other material require for rangoli patterns.
  • Make borders with colors to enhance beauty of pattern.

Rangoli pattern may be in form of circular, rectangular or square, it depend on the design have to make. Rangoli is a beautiful part festival inIndia. Diwali is a world famous Hindu festival. It is a celebration of victory of righteousness over evils. Diwali is a festival of lights and colors. Rangoli is a best known part of Diwali. Onam is another very beautiful festival ofIndia. Onam is not famous for its ritual purpose but also famous for various Rangoli designs and patterns. Overall Rangoli is a key part of joyous moments of life and it is also a way of entertainment.

There is a Beautiful Image of Making Rangoli:

Preparing Rangoli

Preparing Rangoli

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