Top 10 Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is a beautiful combination of diverse colors and is deeply connected with the roots of Indian culture. It basically displays a perfect harmonization of various colors with spectrum of symbols, geometric patterns and motifs, largely found at the entrances of home during festivals.


Let’s have a look at the top 10 Rangoli designs:


1)     Traditional rangoli is characterized by 16-dots or 32-dots design that are connected with each other using lines to form variety of symbols and patterns. This type mainly showcases designs and patterns inspired by the nature.


2)     Floral Free Hand Rangoli Design: This is one of the most common designs for Indian occasions wherein the flowers are filled pastel colors. It is a simple design to create and is good to practice for a beginner.


3)     Ganpati Rangoli: As the name suggests, this Rangoli has a flower design with Ganpati in its center. The Ganpati is made in a red color and the petals around it are done freely. The whole Rangoli is made in a fuchsia pink backdrop with white borders.


4)     Simple Diya Rangoli design for Diwali: This is a unique design that is created during Diwali and Holi. In this, diyas are placed on the sides to make the design look brighter. It is designed in a circular way and the insides are filled with dull yellow, pink and orange color.


5)     Intricate Rangoli Design: When you view this Rangoli, you will not think of it as an intricate painting. It is one of the toughest designs to execute. It is difficult, time consuming but definitely worth the time it takes. It has the image of a girl with a diya in her hand in a brown and white background. The border is done in a blue color, giving the Rangoli an exceptional look.


6)     Ganesh 3D Rangoli design: One of the most famous designs in a 3D Rangoli is that of Lord Ganesha. Adding a 3D effect to such a design makes the Rangoli look very attractive and this is one masterpiece that can be used with ease during the time of Diwali.

7)     Peacock Rangoli design: This is supposedly one of the most common designs. The image of blue peacocks in a 3D effect makes it look very rare, beautiful and marvelous. You can even add borders to make it more exciting.


8)     Water Rangoli: This is one of the most beautiful types of Rangoli created on a plate well coated with oil. Then the design is created and poured in the glass of water. It gives a 3D effect and is amazing to watch.


9)     Kundan Rangoli: This Rangoli is very simple and easy to make because the outlining is done with Kundan crystals stuck on the floor and the inner spaces are filled with colored paints or flower petals, giving the Rangoli a very traditional look.


10)  Madhubani Rangoli: This Rangoli depicts the life of an Indian woman who leads a simple life and the tree under which she sits looks very realistic .The sun adds to the drama making the whole Rangoli very lively.


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