Rangoli An Emblem of Diwali Tradition

Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Diwali Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli

In India, Festival of Diwali is most popular among people and it cannot be even spelled without Diwali rangoli designs. Women in our country like to draw rangoli in most creative and innovative manner. .

There are many types of rangoli designs that look very attractive. You can also design a rangoli with help of flower petals. Generally rangoli is drawn by joining dots and making various shapes of flowers etc.

Diwali Rangoli designs include circular design, rectangular and many more. If you do not like traditional dotted designs then you can make use of free hand rangoli designs and draw whatever you want from birds to pictures of god’s .If you are looking for some change then you can also draw a rangoli with the help of sand and play around beautiful sand rangoli designs. These types of rangoli designs are generally drawn on streets in India. A social message is conveyed through these street rangoli designs like save the girl child, or keep your city clean etc. You can also make beautiful flower designs of rangoli. Though this type of rangoli is not long lasting, it creates very good impression.

Rangoli is an art that is symbol of our traditional Indian culture and imagination of prehistoric Indian people. This art is maintained and being taught to the new generation since ages. Previously people used to draw these designs on walls for decoration purpose. People draw these designs outside their main door on the occasion of this beautiful festival as they believe this is the best way to welcome the guests on festival. Sometimes in additional with the designs, people also put lamps on the rangoli so that it gives some special effects. This rangoli designs are not very perishable and you can preserve a rangoli for many days.  You can also make use of human sketches or picture of gods in designs of rangoli. Thee look very beautiful and look alike a painting.

These designs look very pretty and enhance the glory of your house. They represent the Indian culture and the tradition too. Indian people believe that these designs help to keep the negatives power away and help to bring success and happiness to the home. You can even say that rangoli is the soul of this festival of lights. So what’s more? Just increase the beauty of your house on occasion with the good looking rangoli and make your festival a memorable one. No doubt your rangoli will be the centre of attraction of everyone!

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