Floor Rangoli Design – Floral Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Rangoli is a beautiful floor or wall art ofIndia. It is a traditional human art which is a sign of goodness, prosperity and happiness. InIndiapeople during various festivals or celebrative moments designs various rangoli designs on floors. Women or girls of houses make various beautiful rangoli patterns according to day of celebration.

Rangoli Designs at Floor :

Floor Rangoli Design

Floor Rangoli Design

Rangoli designs are a gorgeous art which depend on human imagination. Shapes and designs of rangoli draw according to thoughts of maker. Women use various items during drawing rangoli patterns on floors. They use color powder, rice, brush, pencil etc. to draw rangoli designs.

Rangoli is famous as various names inIndiaat various places. In northern part ofIndiathis art is famous as rangoli while in northern parts it is known as ‘kolam’. In Rajasthan rangoli is called as ‘Maandana’. Bengali people called this traditional art as ‘Alpana’. On festive moments people designs rangoli pictures and shapes at entrance of houses or temples. Diwali and Pongal are famous festivals ofIndia.

During Diwali and Pongal festival women of houses draw flowers, lamps and many more colorful designs on floor. They draw designs to attract goddess or god to their house for batter luck. Various patterns of rangoli are famous in Indian on festive time such as peacock rangoli, pearl rangoli, gulal rangoli, god picture rangoli, religious sign rangoli etc.

Rangoli or Kolam is an ancient art ofIndia. This art is also famous inPakistanandBangladeshduring the festival of Diwali. Hindu families celebrate this festival with rangoli, firecrackers, decoration and sweets. Rangoli also need not an expertise of drawer, it is just an imagination art.

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