Flower Leaves Rangoli

Rangoli is a very ancient and traditional folk art of India. it is a creative type of art in which a person who forming Rangoli patterns just have to use his brain or imagination power. Rangoli in India is a symbol of welcoming of guest in houses and also a sign of invitation to deities for blessing them. People on various occasions like ritual or religious festivities and other celebration design various rangoli patterns. They formed ritual symbols, lamps, flowers, leaves etc. It is based on moments of celebrations. Flower Leaves Rangoli is one of best form of this art.

Flower Leaves Rangoli is an indicator of peace and religious thoughts. On Occasion of Diwali Festival in Hindu religion people formed flower leaves as pattern of rangoli in courtyards or walls of houses. They invite Goddess Laxmi with peace, wealth and prosperity in their houses through this rangoli pattern. In Buddhism people also loved to draw Flower leaves as a rangoli pattern on various ritual celebrations too. As like this people in other religions also formed it as a rangoli pattern. Generally, rangoli is a women art which usually form by housewives and young girls. They formed leaves of various flowers and trees such as lotus, rose, coconut, peepal, mango etc. women designed those patterns of leaves in form of rangoli with color powders. They also designs with paints.

Rangoli is a brilliant art of India which no need of any expertise or much of practices to adopt it as an art. Rangoli is ancient art and passed by generation to generation on based of imagination of artist or house women. Flowers leaves rangoli is also a part of Indian weddings. It is a sign of fortune and righteousness, so people draw it. There is an image of Flower Leaves Rangoli as follows.

Photo of Flower Leaves Rangoli:

flower leaf rangoli

flower leaf rangoli

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