Rangoli Design Patterns of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the places of India which is the sign of paradise through out the world. It is the state of India is a major part of this country by historically, socially and religion ally.

Rangoli Patterns of Jammu & Kashmir :

In state of India Rangoli is one of the best and most terrific arts to perform on the occasion of fairs and festivals of this state. It is an art which followed by

Rangoli Art

Rangoli Art During Festivals

women of houses to celebrate the happy moments of life. There are many designs and patterns famous in Jammu Kashmir which depends on people’s imagination and thinking way.

People of Jammu Kashmir use this art for ornament of house before the celebration of festivals. Diwali is the major festival of this state which is the platform of the floor painting. This festival is the sign of victory of goodness over evils and celebrated as the festival of lights. Those days of these festivals women decorated their house with rows of lamps and make beautiful designs of Rangoli in front of entrance of homes for welcoming of goddess Laxmi.

There is much other celebration which make a good time for this fabulous art of human imagination and it is also a way of spread out colors in lives. In this state without Rangoli we can not image the happy moments of life.

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