Rangoli Designs of Jharkhand

Colors are the most significant part of this unique country of world the India. Rangoli is in essence floor work of art using colored sand, plants, clay light or rice. It is one such creative appearance which is originated in all fraction of the country.

Rangoli Designs of Jharkhand:

It is the art of this country used mostly during festivals; Rangoli is an art of creation striking, pioneering designs on the entry of the houses – as a symbol

Rangoli Designs of Jharkhand

Rangoli Designs

of welcoming guest. Indians also have a tradition of welcoming guests in splendor. This can be seen during weddings and celebration of happy moments.

In Jharkhand it is the most famous art of girls and women of homes to decorate their houses with some designs of colors. It is the popular art of this state which uses from ancient time of this state to celebrate various festivals and rituals. The Rangoli designs are come out through generation to generation, with some of them near to hundreds of years aged. Though the art of Rangoli vary in different segment of India but the basic thought is ordinary.

In Jharkhand time of festivals brings moments of joys and religious activities and Rangoli making is the part from one of the activities of festivals. Rangoli patterns and designs depends most of the skill of the person and his thinking style. The designs are made with finger using rice powder, crushed olive stone, or painted chalk. They may be peak with beads or plants. Since the entire objective of making Rangoli in diwali is to welcome Goddess Laxmi. That time of the festivals small footsteps coming into the home, instead of the footprints of the Goddess are also prepare.

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