Rangoli Examples

Rangoli is one of the most popular and traditional art of India for decorating courtyard and doorstep. In the evenings of festive occasions, when oil lamps are lit, and the atmosphere is cool and pleasant such floral designs create the atmosphere of a well-planned divine garden.

It is commonly for Indian women to draw decorated feet of Laxmi, The Goddess of wealth to get good fortune for her devotes family. Some common and easy border patterns are given in bellow images.

To create a Rangoli designs and pattern here are some easy steps:


Choose a design that you want to draw. These are symmetrical in nature and geometric in shape.


Choose the area carefully cannot be changed later. Wipe the floor with a wet cloth and wait until it dry.

Step 3

On the basis of space available, decide and mark the center point of the Rangoli. With the help of chalk, first draw the outline of the design.

rangoli examples more

Step 4

Choose the color scheme. Now filling the outline with Rangoli powder is the most challenging part of the whole exercise. Starting from inner circle go on filling the circles as per your pre-decided colors scheme till the last circle. The Kolam can extend with the use of various symbols.

rangoli examples

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