Rangoli In Fashion

Rangoli In Fashion

Rangoli is the colorful style of drawing and painting doorstep, wall and yards using various items of pray, stone color and traditional color.

Rangoli is mainly enjoyed by women and girls.

They use their painting and drawing creativity by playing with colors and designs to change the face of place wherever it applied.

Today applying rangoli on any festival or celebration is become a fashion. It is enjoying by lower level livings to standard class of living human being.

In recent year drawing rangoli has become good job even in major cities.

Various rangoli boutique and centers are busy to make happy their clients by applying their creativity at their house or office on celebrating occasion.

A lot of rangoli designs are also can be used to decorate different clothes and other accessories like saree, towels, tablemats and many things. It is a trend here now.

Image Source : http://www.flickr.com/photos/7654863@N05/4637632045/

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