Rangoli at Vadodara

Rangoli at Vadodara:

Vadodara is third most populated city of an Indian state Gujarat. Vadodara formerly is called as Baroda. Rangoli of Vadodara is much famous in Gujarat. Due to, Gujarat is a land of festivals and ritual occasions rangoli is very famous among people. Vadodara Rangoli is not only in Gujarat but also well known in the country. During various ritual or religious celebration women draw various ritual rangoli designs or ritual signs at doorsteps of their houses in Vadodara. Rangoli of Vadodara is very famous during Diwali festival and Navratri festival. Diwali and Navratri are most famous religious or ritual celebration of Gujarat. Rangoli is divine part of these festivals of Vadodara as well as Gujarat.

Women during diwali festivals decorate their houses with rows of colors or rangoli patterns. Rangoli is a way to welcome deities to their house with bringing fortune, peace, health and wealth. During this festival of diwali they also light lamps or diyas with rangoli designs to give it marvelous look. Navratri is another famous occasion in Vadodara or Baroda with ritual rangoli making in temples and houses. Navratri is nine days celebration to worship goddess Durga. People design ritual rangoli patterns at goddess Durga temples to welcome her. During these festivals people in Vadodara also observe a ritual fast for long nine day period. It is a sign of their trust on their religion.

Gujarat is much famous state of India with its charm of festivities and weddings. Weddings in Gujarat with Vadodara are also famous for wedding rangoli designs. During wedding ceremonies women make ritual signs at entrance of their houses. There is a very beautiful and charming video of Rangoli in Vadodara or Baroda during festivities as follows.

A Video of Gujarat Rangoli:

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