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Ganesh Chaturthi decoration is done with the new idea and shock of new techniques and material. Ganesh Chaturthi is a grand occasion for Hindus. Ganesh Chaturthi is a religious festival of the Hindus and is celebrated in the month. It comes in the end of august or in the beginning of September. It is the day when the Hindu God Lord Shiva announced his son Ganesha as the most superior God of all.

This is celebrated as a ten day long festival around the world by the Hindus Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in other states as well including the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Ganesh Chaturthi is a Festival of lights with colorful decoration, beautiful pandals and yummy laddoos. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great passion and celebrated by the Hindus. Ganesh Chaturthi decoration begins two or three months before the lucky day. Every street, colony or society is decorated with beautiful flowers, glittery stuffs, and lights.

Ganpati Rangoli Designs:

A number of creative and very attractive clay statues of Lord Ganesh are prepared by trained artisans and sculptors and sold out in the market. The price of these idols depends on the size and material used. Ornaments improve the beauty and magic of these Lord Ganesh idols even more. Amazing and traditional pandals are set up for Pooja and are brightly decorated with colorful lights.

A clay model of Lord Ganesh is constructed as a part of ganesh chaturthi celebration two to three months prior to the day of the festival. On the first day, this clay model having a varied range of length and size is installed in a raised platform so that all the devotees can have a clear visual of the Lord.

The temples are nicely decorated with flower garlands and lightings all around the walls. People from distant places come to visit Maharashtra during this festival to see the excitement. Ganesh Chaturthi is the time busy schedule of the common people comes to a standstill and the people enjoy the ten days with all their heart.

A customary sweet known as the ‘modak’ is offered to the Lord along with flowers and new garments. On the tenth day which is the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi function, the Lord is bade good bye by immersing the clay model in the nearby river or the sea. A long march of devotees is seen on the roads taking the clay models of Lord Ganesha towards the water body with loud chanting of “Ganpati Bappa Moriya”.

During the occasion, big and small idols of clay or metals of Lord Ganesh are decorated by people to show respect towards the Lord. Idols decoration is an essential part of the festival where, devotees beautify the idols by adding excess of material. Ganesha statues, idols and small figurines in the shape of pendants, rings and glittering lamps can be easily found adorning homes, offices, shops etc across the country. The idols or statues Of Lord Ganesh are primary made using a variety of materials, including bronze, brass, wood, Marble, glass and clay. In many cases, Ganpati Idols decoration involves the use of gold, silver And copper for the plating purpose.

Lord Ganesh picture is represented with elephant head, human shaped body, one tusk, big trunk, large stomach, and four arms two arms are carrying his weapons, one carrying modak and the other showering blessings to his devotees.

The Idols or statues of God Ganesha come in various shapes, forms and positions, like standing, Sitting, meditating, reclining etc. From few inches to 20 feet long, every size is available in idols to fulfill the need of worship.

Meaning of Ganesha Symbol Picture what each Represents:

  • Big Head of Lord Ganesha represents the “everlasting spirit” and the ability to “Think Big”
  • Small Eyes of Lord Ganesh represents “engaged Power”
  • Large Ears of Ganesha represents the ability to “Listen More”
  • Small Mouth of Ganpati represents “Talk Less”
  • One Tusk of Lord Ganesh teaches to “maintain Good while Throw Away the Bad”
  • Long Trunk of Ganesha represents “High good organization and Adaptability”
  • Large Stomach of Ganesh represents Peacefully Digest all good and bad in life
  • The Axe in Lord Ganesha hand represents the ability “to cut off all bonds of attachment”
  • The Rope in Ganesha hand represents “To pull you nearer to the highest Goal”
  • Modak in Lord Ganapati’s hand are the “Rewards of Sadhana”
  • Lord Ganesha Right hand Blessings represents a symbol of protectiveness and blessings devotees on Spiritual path to Supreme
  • The Mouse shown near Lord Ganesha feet represents and teaches devotees that “Desire, unless under control can cause havoc, you ride the desire and keep it under control and don’t allow it to take you for a ride.”
  • The Prasad shown in Lord Ganesh picture depicts “The whole world is at your feet and for your asking”

Our reader Ganesh Barman sent us Ganesha Rangoli, Some photos are here:

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