God Krishna Rangoli Design

God Krishna’s Cow Rangoli:

Rangoli is a formation of various designs with colors on floors or walls. It is an ancient home art. It is based on imagination power of designer. Normally it is a female designing art of colors. in India it is most popular as a part of religious activities or celebrations. In many of states of India follows this ancient art according to their celebration and ceremonies. On various occasion people design various patterns of Rangoli. God Krishna’s Cow Rangoli is another pattern of this colorful art.

God Krishna Rangoli

God Krishna Rangoli

Lord Krishna is a historical individual of Hindu religion who participated or formed a great epic ‘Mahabharata’. He worships in Hindu religion as an Avatar of lord Vishnu and as a supreme power of world.

Lord Krishna attributed the authorship of a great holy book of Hindu religion named ‘Bhagavad Gita’. Lord Krishna was famous for two things mostly; one is for flute playing and second for love to cows. Cows of lord Krishna is a sign of prosperity. In Hindu religion Cows are like a mother and people from this religion believes that lord Krishna lives in cows.

On various festivals related to lord Krishna celebrated by Hindus with great joys and enthusiasm. Krishna Janmashtami is most famous and celebrated festival of Hindu religion is one of them.

People on various festivals of lord Krishna enjoy with sweats, ritual acts and by forming of rangoli designs. God Krishna’s Cow Rangoli is a part of this celebration. Cow is a sign of good fortune and good things in Hindu religion. Women designed this pattern in their houses and temples on festivals. Iscon temples are world famous for Krishna Janmashtami with various ritual acts. There is an image of God Krishna’s Cow Rangoli as follows.

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