Celtic Knot Meaning

Celtic knots are a variety of knots. Celtic knots are graphical representations of knots, some of them are used for decoration purpose and they look attractive to any person. The word “Celtic” comes from Britain and Western Europe. It is used in the decoration of Christian monuments and manuscripts. Celtic knots are patterns signifying ropes or threads tied in a knot. They are misnamed. Another term for Celtic knots is lace work, or interlacing patterns.

Celtic Knot :

Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot

Many different patterns and designs are called Celtic Knots. They are differing in size and shapes including squares, rectangles, circles and triangles etc. Small Celtic knots make excellent table mats and pads. It provides a huge selection of designs, which may have crossings.

The Celtic knot symbol is also referred to as the magic knot, or the endless knot. The more odd or religious meaning of this symbol includes two beginnings and endings. In these type of beautiful knots, we cannot find any beginning and ending point, so they look very attractive.

Celtic symbol are tough to track because there are smallest known current written records of representing specific Celtic symbol meanings.

Quite a bit of understanding about Celtic use of symbols comes from guess and belief from authorities and historians of ancient Celtic culture.

This is not a bad thing because this allows us to knock into the unknown of the Celtic way, follow our hearts and open up to our feeling when it comes to Celtic symbolism. Celtic Symbol comes by the Romans, who occupied the Celtic lands during the rise of the Roman Empire.

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