Sikkim Rangoli Patterns

Sikkim is another beautiful state of India. It is also famous as a ‘Godly state’ of India. Sikkim is located in Himalayas region. Sikkim is not only famous for its beauty of nature but also quite popular about its rich ritual culture and tradition. Festivals in Sikkim are celebrated with great joyous and enthusiasm. Sikkim is a mostly populated with Buddhism community. People in this state celebrated numerous festivities through out the whole year. Phang Lhabsol, Saga Dawa, Lhabab Dhuechein, Losoong, Tendong Lho Rum Faat are important festivals of the state. During that time people engages with various ritual acts. Rangoli designs are one of traditional part of those festivals.

Tihar/Tyohar or Diwali Rangoli :

Diwali is a most celebrated festival of Hindu religion. In Sikkim diwali also celebrated by both Hindu and Buddhist people. Diwali festival is known as a name of Tihar or Tyohar. It is a fabulous festival of the state. This festival celebrated about lord Rama who comes after his fourteen years exile. It is a symbol of victory of goodness over badness. During that time of fourteen year of exile lord Rama killed a demon Rawana. After coming of lord Rama to Ayodhya people celebrated the day as a festival with lighting of diyas or lamps, sweats, praise and rangoli.

Rangoli is one of the best parts of this festival tihar in Sikkim. During that time women of houses designed various rangoli patterns in courtyards and walls in welcome of ritual deities. They celebrated it for five days. Third day celebration is made with rangoli and worship of goddess laxmi. They make rangoli patterns to invite deities with harmony, peace and wealth. Overall it is a fabulous and most beautiful festival of Sikkim.

As like that Tihar people in Sikkim also celebrate Krishna Janmasthami, Vishva karma puja, Saraswati puja and Ramnavami also celebrated with rangoli designs and patterns. here is a beautiful video of rangoli making as follows.

A Video of Rangoli Pattern:

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