Rangoli – the Colourful Uniqueness of Our Country

Rangoli art is ancient art of India. This art has lots of significance as it is the symbol of purity and the luck. It is believed that if you begin any occasion with these designs then you will get all the luck and your house will be pure and all the negative powers will go away.

Though rangoli was firstly introduced in Maharashtra, it’s vastly well-liked everywhere the country. In West Bengal, it’s referred to as alpana; in southern Asian nation, it’s referred to as Dravidian. Rangoli is formed before of the homes at courtyards and even on the walls. The styles are created by making use of the

White stone powder, sedimentary rock powder, sand or rice powder and different naturally offered dry powder colours. Rangoli is sort of a painting done on the bottom. The foremost necessary truth concerning rangoli is that this can be painted not by the professionals however the people. The traditions of rangoli drawing are taught from generations to generations. The most well known patterns of rangoli are circular, linear and flower-patterned. Circular rangoli pattern points towards the length of your time. The images of gods and goddesses, flowers, flower petals and diyas also are drawn with totally different spirited colours. The signs like Aum, Swastika, Stars, also are place to brighten the drawing. You can also make pictures of many animals, birds, human beings, film stars and make it look livelier. You can also draw tress; plants etc. You can get these designs from the books or also online. The best design will look good at your home.

Rangoli indeed can be used as a symbol to receive the guests. On the alluring night of diwali, rangoli design welcomes the immortal of prosperity, Lakshmi. Rangoli designs are of momentary nature. You cannot preserve them for a long time. They’re most important on all the days of Diwali. In India, the ritual of Rangoli has been in applied since ages and it’s underpinning with each year. There are many foreigners who are being attracted to this traditional art and they come in our country to love this lively art. Many classes are conducted so that the new generations can learn this art and many workshops are also being held. Many competitions are arranged so that the new generation can be encouraged to preserve this art. This is the art that is being admired throughout the world. Many people also go to learn this traditional art.

So do you want to make your event colourful and meaningful this time? Then the rangoli designs are the best way. You can see the best designs as per the place available and then draw them by making the best combination of colours. If you do not have much space then you can take help of the corner rangoli designs and draw them in the available corner. So simply get these designs on the occasion and make your occasion the best one.


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