Rangoli Themes

Rangoli Art Themes:

Rangoli is a very fabulous art of ancient India. It is an art of imagination. It is revolve around fantasy power of mind and also near to natural things. Rangoli is hand drawing of picture on floors and walls. Women made rangoli designs at entrance of house in welcoming of guests or deities during festivities.

There is much type of rangoli themes which reflect feature of festival or occasion. In each of the state of India famous for various rangoli designs and people from various communities in those state famous for various beautiful rangoli themes. Some of rangoli themes are as following.

Rangoli Art

Rangoli Art of Assam

Themes of Rangoli Designs:

Festival Theme: India is a country of various religions and various religions celebrate their festivals with ritual and further activities. Rangoli is another act of festivals. During festivals like Onam, Diwali, Krishna Janmastami, Christmas etc. women make rangoli patterns such as lamps, candles, lights, bells etc.

Ritual Theme: Most of communities draw their deities’ pictures with colors as rangoli patterns on religious occasions.

Natural Theme: making of flowers such as lotus, rose, coconut etc. are natural theme. Leaves, natural images, hills, river etc. are also natural theme. Natural rangoli designs are beautiful one to see. It is a fabulous form of rangoli designs.

Insects Theme: it includes rangoli of various insects like butterflies.

Geometric Theme: people also make various geometric designs for making of rangoli. They draw religious symbols etc for this purpose also.

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