Rangoli is the Sign of Purity and Culture

India is rightly known as the country of beauty and the culture. The country gives importance to the festivals and all of them begin with good Rangoli designs. Especially in Diwali women put Rangoli in front of their doors for all five days or even more. The preparations of Diwali celebrations start with selecting the right rangoli designs. There are many types of designs and you can select the one that looks beautiful and also is suitable for you. There are some designs those are made up by joining the dots on the other hand some are free hand. There are many creative designs that look very beautiful. Some designs are just simple and blank while many of them are colorful and bright.

In our country we give more importance to the festivals and culture and we cannot even spell the festivals without rangoli. Women are fond of this art and this is specialty of our country. There are also some people who draw these designs on the street. They draw some pictures of the people, freedom fighters etc. These designs give some social message. This art represents the heritage, art and culture of India. This art is being taught from generations to generations. Not only Diwali but people make use of such designs even for other festivals throughout the year. Specially these designs is drawn on the day of Laxmi puja and it is believed that Goddess Laxmi comes your way .This art is being drawn to welcome the goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. These designs are very beautiful and they can make your home look beautiful. Some people believe that this art keeps away the negative power and hence they draw it in from of their door every day even if there is no festival. You can preserve these designs for many days. This art is the essence of the Indian festivals and these designs are famous throughout the world and it is one of the attractions of the country.

Some of the rangoli designs are made of colors, colored rice, flour sand or may be flower petals. You can also make a nice combination of all of them. People believe that if you put these designs in front of your doors then the good luck will follow you in the next year. Even kids enjoy drawing these designs in the festivals and they like to learn the art from their elders. Some people add beauty to their Rangoli with help of some lamps so that they look better and better. So do you want to welcome your guests on the occasions of this Diwali? Then these designs are the best way to welcome any guests. You can use your creativity and make the beautiful design. Though these designs take time, they look wonderful. So now do not waste time and decorate your home in a beautiful way.


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