Colourful Rangoli Designs From Goa – Colorful Rangoli Designs

Goa is the smallest part in area and the fourth smallest in population of India. It is the most beautiful state of this country. Vasco de Gama is the largest and the most beautiful city of this state Goa. This is the famous place for it beautiful beaches and natural environments. It is also a celebration land of the happy carnivals and moments.

People of Goa try to make those carnivals something especial with the decoration of their houses with the flowers and colors. Rangoli enhance the beauty of houses in Goa. It is the part of the celebrations. Women of this state use the rice powder to make those floor paintings according to their imagination and talent.

Jatra is the most famous festival of this part of India. Hindu’s festival, best celebrated at Shantadurga shrine in Queula at Ponda, in Mahalsa Temple at Mardol which are in Ponda and in Mangesh temple at Priol, This carnival is also famous in Ajoba Temple at Querim in Pernem and in Mahalaxmi Temple at Amone in Bicholim. All of these places of this festival look beautiful with the making of Rangoli on the floors of that place. As like this festival other festivals like feast festivals and Ramanavami etc. are also the occasions to watch the beauty of Rangoli in Goa. It is the time of joy and floor paintings make those events fabulous for the people.

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