Carpet Like Rangoli Design

Rangoli is a folk art ofIndia. It is human art which plays by women during festivals mostly. Rangoli draws on floors and walls. But in modern era people buy various Carpets to decorate their houses and shops. These carpet looks like rangoli designs. In market various type or designs of colorful carpet available. These carpets are not only effective for decorative purpose but also useful for personal use.

One of our site’s visitor shalu from Chennai has sent us a very unique rangoli, which she made for the occasion of New year celebration of year 2012.

Name : Shalu

Email Address :

Occasion when this rangoli was made : New Year Celebration of 2012

Location : Chennai

Carpet Like Rangoli

Carpet Like Rangoli

In Market various rangoli design carpets are available. Flower carpets one of the most selling carpets inIndia. During festival or any other happy moments women like to purchase flower carpet for decoration and for home use. Diwali is most famous festival ofIndia. This festival is known for decoration, lamps, firecrackers and sweets. During that time modern women can not draw rangoli designs on floor due to less of time, so they buy rangoli carpet from market. Designs of lamps on carpet are one of the most famous designed carpets inIndiaduring diwali festival.

Carpet like rangoli designs is also famous during marriages inIndia. People during marriage ceremonies like to decorate their houses or marriage place with beauty of colors and lamps. They also use various colorful carpet look like rangoli designs to enhance beauty of their house. In current time various type of carpets are available. Handicraft business is famous inIndiafor making of carpet like rangoli designs. These carpets are not only famous inIndiabut also well known worldwide.

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