Rangoli Designs at Chennai (Madras)

Rangoli Designs of Madras:

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu a state of India. Chennai is formally called as Madras. Chennai is famous for two things festivals and human art. Rangoli is one of human arts which draw on the floor and courtyards during ritual or religious festivals in Chennai. Rangoli in Chennai is famous for its different type of rangoli creations. Rangoli making in Chennai is one of the most delightful floor work. During festivals women draws various rangoli designs according to moment or event.

Women use various elements during making of rangoli patterns. They use rice grains, white powder, brush, pencil, geometric elements etc. they prepare rangoli patterns based on various themes. Some of themes of rangoli patterns famous in Chennai are ritual signs, deity images, geometric rangoli, natural rangoli, floral rangoli, etc. Diwali is one of the most famous and celebrated festival of Chennai which makes people happy. People in Chennai celebrate this festival with great joyous, energy and rangoli patterns. As like this festival people in Chennai also celebrate Durga Puja, Dussehara and Navratri festival with well decretive lighting and rangoli patterns.

In Chennai during auspicious festival women in houses prepare delicious meals and sweets to enjoy moment of joyous. Rangoli is not only in Chennai but also very famous in all around the state during festivals. During weddings people in Chennai also celebrate with rangoli patterns. There is a melodious and nice video of Rangoli in Chennai as follows.

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