Conch Shells Rangoli Design

Rangoli is a beautiful traditional art of India. It is a sign of ritualistic culture and tradition of India. Rangoli is a symbol of welcoming of guest come at house. In temples it is an invitation to deity for ritual purpose. In the country on various festivals people draw Rangoli patterns on there courtyards or walls of houses. In India various religions follow this tradition to joy celebrations. Conch Shells Rangoli is another form of this tradition. It is a cultural or ritual art of Buddhism religion. Conch Shells is one of eight symbols of Buddhist.

In Buddhism conch shells is an important sign of religious thoughts. Originally conch shell is a horn trumpet. According of Buddhism conch shell is a sign of religious assemblies together. It is also use as containing water during worship process. It is also very important part of Hindu religion. In praise of Hindu deity people take conch shell as a sign of peace and religious purpose. In current time on various religious festivals in Buddhism people draw conch shell rangoli on courtyards or walls of houses and temples. It is a symbol of welcoming of religious prospects. To draw this rangoli pattern women use various color powders. They also use various paints to form it. There is a beautiful and melodious image of conch shells rangoli as follows.

 Conch Shells Rangoli Kolam:

conch shell rangoli

conch shell rangoli

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