Rangoli Laminates

Laminates of Rangoli Designs:

Rangoli is a fabulous and beautiful part of Indian culture and tradition. It is a part of festivities and joyous celebration in the country. It is a making of various designs with colors and rice powder in front of floors or walls. It is a symbol of welcoming of guests or lords during festivities.

Diwali and Onam both are most important festival of India which famous for rangoli and fireworks. Rangoli is a decorative part of houses. It is also popular in weddings. But now current time, there are not so much of time for people who busy with their life use rangoli laminates for decoration. Rangoli laminates are artificial material or paper with rangoli patterns. Rangoli Laminates are a part of artificial decorative item in houses. There are many benefits to use rangoli laminates.

Benefits of Rangoli Laminates :

? Save time to making of patterns of rangoli.
? Easy to use.
? Rangoli Laminates are not so costly than original Rangoli.
? Laminates can be use anywhere according to requirement.
? Desire rangoli patterns can be buying from market.
? Extraordinary with charm.

May be it is some beneficial for human beings or current life style but there are also some losses or disadvantage as follow.

Disadvantage of Laminate :

? Lack of hand making designs and charm.
? Lack of real beauty than a floor made Rangoli pattern.
? Rangoli making by house wife enhance creativity while it can not be possible in laminates etc.

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