Mandana Designs of Rajasthan

Mandana Designs of Rangoli in Rajasthan:

Rangoli is a part of rituals or rites in India. Rangoli is a Hindi word and literally it means ‘layers of colors’. It is a fabulous part of festivities and weddings. Different part of India is famous as various names like aripana in Bihar, alpana in Bengal, rangoli in Maharashtra and Gujarat etc. as like that rangoli is popular in Rajasthan as a name of Madana. Rangoli means ‘rows of colors’. it is a women traditional and ancient art of India. In Rajasthan rangoli is much famous as a part of festivities and marriages. During various weddings female of house make various patterns and designs of madana at entrance of house or walls. Madana is a symbol o welcome guests.

Festivals in Rajasthan are most important part of its rich and vibrant culture. Rajasthan is also called as ‘land of kings’. Rajasthan is an ancient state of India which famous for its bright history and festivals. From ancient time in Rajasthan festivals celebrated with traditional activities like folk daces, folk music and other acts. Rangoli or Madana is another beautiful part of festivals in Rajasthan. People in current time various festivals like, Navratra (a festival of goddess Durga), Krishna Janmasthami, Gangaur Utsav and Diwali etc. celebrated with colors and joyous. During those festivals women at evening time draw various auspicious and religious designs with rangoli in front of their houses.

Diwali is another famous festival which celebrated with great joyous and harmony. It is a festival of colors and lights. That time also female of houses make various ritual designs with colors as rangoli patterns. There is a beautiful Rangoli designs as follows. It is a dots making rangoli in which dots uses for make a flower rangoli.

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