Rangoli Lessons

Rangoli is a very famous and most beautiful traditional art of India. Rangoli is also called as various names in various states of India such as alpana, kolam, mullugu etc. It is a painting of colors which made by hands. Usually it is an olden women art which also famous as art of housewife. Young girls and women draw various patterns and design of Rangoli on floor step of house and courtyards.

They also draw rangoli on walls of house. It is a gorgeous part of festivities and cheerful events. Rangoli is based on imagination and natural art of a person. During festivals we can watch various melodious and colorful rangoli patterns in temple places too. In current time Rangoli Lesson are required by people to design much beautiful patterns. To make beautiful rangoli design a person has to follow some steps.

Rangoli Designing Lessons :

Step (1) : Select or decide a design or pattern have to be make. First of all a girl or women have to choose a design which she wants to make. Clean the place where design wants to make.

Step (2) : Collect various instruments of rangoli making before beginning such as colors, rice grains, brush, painting pencil, geomantic elements etc.

Step (3) : Draw the design initially according to decided pattern with use of pencil.

Step (4) : Fill various colors into the drawn design and give it final touch.

here is a nice and beautiful video that give us lesson how to draw a rangoli design in an appropriate way as follows.

A Nice Video of Rangoli Lesson:

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