Manipur Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Designs and Patterns of Manipur :

Manipur is one of the most beautiful states of India with natural hill and valley. It is a state of located in northeastern part of India. The capital of this state is Imphal which also a beautiful city of Manipur. Manipur is also famous as a land of festivities. There is no month of a year passes without a celebration of festivals. Festivals of this state are indicator of social, ritual, traditional and cultural activities. Rangoli is a fabulous art of India. Manipuri festival also revolves around various ritual activities, Rangoli making is one of them. There are many festival but some of them are most important or popular festivals such as Yaoshang (Dol Jatra), Ratha Jatra, KUT (Festival of Kuki-Chin-Mizo), Gang-Ngai (Festival of Kabui Nagas) etc.

Most of festivals are also famous for Rangoli designs and patterns. It is a female art of the state in which women of houses make various patterns of rangoli in front of their houses and courtyards. They make it with rice powder and colors. Rangoli in Manipur is a symbol of ritual or religious act. Rangoli is a way of expression with colors. Diwali is a most important festival which is famous in Manipur for two things one is for lamps lighting and second for making rangoli. However, rangoli is based on imagination of a maker due to there are many kind of patters and design can seen on festivities. Weddings are another beautiful occasion to watch exquisite making of rangoli patterns. There is a video of rangoli designs in Manipur as follows.

Video of Manipur Rangoli Designs:

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