Nagaland Rangoli Designs

Nagaland Rangoli Designs:

Nagaland is a north eastern part of India. the capital of the state is Kohima and largest city of this state is Dimapur. Nagaland is another beautiful state of India. this state is famous for its tribal communities. It is a tribal region of country. There are various communities living from ancient time. Due to tribal communities living here, festivals and auspicious events have an effect of ancient folk tradition and culture. There are much kind of folk dance and folk music famous during various festivals. Rangoli is one of them. Rangoli is a kind of traditional art of India which also famous during joyous events in Nagaland. In Nagaland various rangoli patterns prepare by Naga women in front of their houses and courtyards. They welcome their tribal deities to their homes for batter fortune and peace on festivals.

In Nagaland, Naga community is most populated. Naga tribe celebrated various festivals with folk dance and music. Rangoli is another part of their traditions. Women of houses experiments designs of rangoli patterns during festivities. Rangoli is an auspicious art for Naga people. Overall Rangoli is popular as a traditional art in Nagaland and an important part of festivals in Nagaland.

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