Rangoli Ideas

Fresh Ideas of Rangoli Pattern:

Rangoli is a fabulous and most beautiful hand making art of women. It is one of the most famous parts of various festivals in India. Rangoli is an imagination based art in which a maker have to be creative. Various types of pattern and design can draw without any expertise. In India Rangoli ideas so common among people because it is traditional art of India and most popular in wedding also. Women like to prepare rangoli designs with various colors in front of their houses and walls.

Rangoli is an art of human being and based on thinking power of a person. A person can make a thought design of rangoli without any problem if he has made a proper plan about the pattern and colors. An idea of rangoli comes in our mind and implemented through our hands. Young girls and women like to implement various rangoli ideas during various ceremonies and festivities. Festivals and occasions are a stage for ladies to show their imagination talent with rangoli patterns.

Rangoli is famous in various region of India with its different look and charm. It is depend on culture and traditions of regions. Rangoli is not only popular in India but also very famous in various Asian countries. Pakistan and Bangladesh are also popular for rangoli. Nepal is a Hindu nation celebrates various Hindu festivals with Rangoli patterns.

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