Fish Rangoli

The Fish or Matsya (Hindi) is a sign of rivers Yamuna and Ganga in Hindu religion. But originally it is meant as a fortune in various religions like Hindu, Buddhism and Jainism. It is also a part of eight symbols of Buddhist. As a sign of Buddhist it teaches us that a person who practices religion or Dharma have to no fear. He has to run with life like a fish in ocean with sufferings. It is a golden fish which is a sign of bright future of human beings. In various religion people like to form it as a Rangoli pattern on walls or courtyards in temples and houses on festivities and religious events.

In India Rangoli is a fabulous traditional art. Rangoli is an art based on imagination and creativity of person. It is an art which no need of any previous preparation or hard training. People in various religions during festive occasion painted or formed Fish Rangoli with color powders on floors and walls. On various ritual occasions of Buddhism it is one of most famous pattern of Rangoli. On the celebration of Lord Buddha birth day people in Bihar formed Fish Rangoli for batter fortune, peace and prosperity. It is a symbol of welcoming of lord and fortune of life. There is an image of Fish Rangoli as follows.

Photo of Fish Rangoli:

fish rangoli kolam

fish rangoli kolam

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