Mandana Designs : An Art form of Rural Rajasthan

Mandana paintings are wall paintings of Rajasthan. Mandana is taken from the Sanskrit word. Mandana means to discover and to draw lines. It creates a work of art. Mandana are used to protect home. Mandana are used to welcome gods into the house and celebrations on occasions.

Popular Mandana Designs:

Mandana Design

Mandana Design

Rangoli in Rajasthan is called Mandana. Mandana art is the symbol of occasion in the Rajasthan. Mandana drawings are done on mud walls of homes, on walls and chowks. It creates a work of art. Designs of Mandana are created by using chalk and brushes made of bamboo sticks. Mandana designs can also be created on the floors of houses and temples. It brings good luck, peace, prosperity and happiness in the home. In Mandana designs women draws line art of Ganesha, peacocks and tiger etc.

Mandana can be done by the colors like powdered rice, flour. The artists fingers should be serve as a brush. Mandana is practiced by the women. On festival they celebrate with happiness and joy. Mandana is done on the mud walls of houses, colored glass. The bead, mirror and stone are used to decorate the paintings. Mandana is mostly done by the Bheel – Meena tribe of women in Rural Rajasthan. These Mandana paintings are used to decorate the home.

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