Wedding Kolam Designs for that Perfect Wedding Occasion

In Tamil Nadu the Kolam is a conventional women’s ritual practiced all along Tamil Nadu. The first early morning ritual is creating a kolam. In the foggy light of pre-dawn the kolam is illustrated by millions of women. It is created in the threshold of the house at the feet of heavenly images in the temple arenas and within the main household shrine. Creating a kolam is often the first step towards conceiving a sense of sacred space in household or public rituals.

One of the most popular is wedding kolam designs. The kolam is an ancient Dravidian geometrical motif that blends form, movement and colour to welcome each new day. Everyday the women of the house get up earl in order to clean the area with water. Then the kolam designs are made on the dampen surface with the help of rice powder mostly.

Wedding Kolam Designs For Your Shaadi :

Wedding kolam designs are the type of kolam designs. It is not solely an aesthetic art. It also signifies happiness and hanuman temple kolamprosperity. Small creatures like ants, insects and birdseat the rice flour taking advantage of its utilization along the entrances of many houses. Hence kolam also stands to represent individuals concerns for all those living creatures. In order to prevent evil and unwanted elements from entering the house the red border is enclosed around kolam. Kolams are thought to bestow prosperity in homes.

Throughout the day the Kolams get walked on, or blown around with wind or rained on and new ones are made the next day. Kolam designs are made by joining dots in a particular pattern. There are specific pattern to draw Kolams but one can use one’s imagination to draw any pattern of their wish.

Every morning in order to draw kolam the floor is washed and swept and made auspicious. These designs are generally drawn when the floor is still damp so that the designs stay for a while and don’t go haywire since morning only. At times in villages mostly cow dung is used to wax the floor. In many cultures cow dung is believed to have antiseptic properties and hence provides a literal threshold of protection for home. It also provides a good contrast with the white designs drawing Kolams is a matter of pride to many people. There are various competitions so as to decide who makes the best Kolams, who can make complicated designs without lifting their hands and so on. Sometimes even powdered white stones were used to make kolams.

During festive season women folk make complicated Kolam designs on the entire stretch of the road. They cover the entire width of road with one single Kolam. Seasonal greetings are also used in kolam. Various greetings like welcome, have a nice day etc are used in kolams. When devotees’ wishes are fulfilled they also volunteer to draw kolams in the temple or the temple compound. Kolam is all about symmetry, precision and complexity. Wedding kolam designs are very symmetric, precise and complex.

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