Rangoli or Kolam Border Patterns

Rangoli is a very fabulous art of human beings. Rangoli is a charming part of Indian tradition and culture. It is a fantasy or imagination art in which women draw various patterns or designs on walls or floors. Kolam or rangoli is a part of festivities and marriages. In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are the religion which famous for rangoli designs on their festivals or ritual ceremonies. It is a female art which based on common knowledge. it is very ancient art which possess from generation to generation with developing mode. Actually Rangoli or Kolam is a group of drawing lines, curves and dots. It is filled with various appropriate colors. Kolam designs also favorite of women during wedding occasion. It is a ritual part of marriages.

Rangoli Borders are very important and beautiful part of this art. Rangoli Borders enhance the beauty of rangoli designs. Women after making of a rangoli pattern, they rounded it with borders to increase beauty. Borders also may many kind or patterns. It is also depend on imagination of maker. Borders around a rangoli pattern can be making with any type of suitable color. Overall rangoli borders are a part of rangoli pattern but not compulsory to draw around pattern. It is just a way to enhance beauty of rangoli pattern. There is a beautiful image of rangoli patterns as follows.

Rangoli Border Photo :

Kolam Border

Kolam Border

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