Tamilnadu Kolam Design

Tamilnadu Kolam Patterns:

Tamil Nadu is an favorable state of India. Tamil Nadu is famous for its affluent and vibrant ethnicity of folk dances and folk music. This state is also very famous for its ritual acts during various festivals or rites. During a variety of occasions or festivals people in the state examine various acts. Rangoli is one of the most imperative acts of Tamil Nadu during festivities and ritual ceremonies. Rangoli is a fabulous folk art. It is an ancient traditional art which run from cohort to cohort. Rangoli in Tamil Nadu is known as a name of Kolam.

Rangoli during early Tamil Nadu just also a part of ritual or festival occasion but now days it is also a part of weddings. Weddings are also becoming famous for colorful and modern patterns of rangoli designs. Rangoli is a human art works on thinking power of a person. Usually, women are treating this ritual art of Tamil Nadu.

During wedding or festivals women of houses designs various rangoli patterns at entrance of their house or temples. According to them it is a sign of greeting to their spiritual deities or ritual god. In Tamil Nadu there are also various kind of rangoli themes are famous such as flower patterns, animal rangoli designs, ritual signs, swastika symbol, leaves, fruits, image of deities etc. theme of rangoli depend on moment they are celebrating. There is a beautiful video of rangoli design in Tamil Nadu as follows.

Video of Kolam in Tamil Nadu:

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