Flower Leaves Kolam Design

In south states of India are famous for various things, Kolam designs are one of them. The word kolam means ‘Rangoli’. The word rangoli drives from a Hindi word ‘Rangawali’, it means rows of colors. Rangoli is a beautiful art of India, not only in north India but also famous in southern parts of India as ‘Kolam’. In Southern states, women on various ritual and other occasions draws various kolam designs with rice flours and colors. Rice flour is a unique feature of rangoli in those states. They formed various patterns such as picture of deities, ritual signs, auspicious designs, animals, flowers leaves, flowers. Flower leaves are a part of Kolam designs. Leaves of various flowers like rose, lotus, coconut, nut etc are famous designs of Kolam in southern states of India.

In Chennai, Kolam is very famous. There people not only designed various patterns on courtyards or walls of houses or temples on festivals but also designed forms on competitions. In Chennai, there a kolam competition also held, in which house women participate. Kolam based on imagination and creativity. Kolam of flower leaves is one of the famous designs in southern India. it is a symbol of happiness, peace and fortune. Women and young girls make this design on festivals and wedding ceremonies. There is an image of Flower Leaves Kolam Design as follows.

Photo of Flower Leaves Kolam Design:

on road flower kolam

on road flower kolam

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