Mizoram Rangoli designs

Rangoli designs and Patterns of Mizoram State:

maa rangoli

maa rangoli

Mizoram is another beautiful state of India. it is also famous as a name of ‘Seven Sisters State’. Mizoram’s capital is Aizawl. It is a state which populated with tribal people. Most of festivals of Mizoram revolve around harvest or corps. Kut festival is a famous festival of Mizoram which is famous for harvest. There are several kinds of Kut festivals in the state. Most of festivals in the state celebrated with various traditional and cultural acts.

Rangoli is a part of these traditional acts. Rangoli is one of most beautiful art of India. it is quite famous in Mizoram also. During various occasion Mizoram women various drawings with colors on floors and walls. They draw rangoli designs to welcome deities or guest for auspicious purpose.

Hindu community in Mizoram is famous for rangoli designs and patterns. People in Mizoram belongs to Hindu religion observes various Hindu festivals like diwali, raksha bandhan, krishna birth day etc. they celebrated various Hindu religion with rangoli patterns also. Rangoli is also famous in other community of Mizoram. Christians are also living in this state. Rangoli is a very beautiful art which is famous around the country. It is based on imagination power. There are various theme can be use before making of rangoli patters. Flowers, leaves, animals, insects, ritual things etc can be use as rangoli patterns.

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