Leh Ladakh Rangoli Designs

Hemis Gompa is a monastery of Ladakh is a famous for Gompa festival in north region. it is a two day festival. It is a celebration of birth day ceremony of Guru Rinpoche or lord Padmasambhava. In this region Tibetan Gompa festival is also famous celebration of three days in Ladakh. During this Gompa festival people worship their deity with joys and enthusiasm. They appreciate music and dances.

In Actual there are eight auspicious signs of Buddhist religion. So those eight signs are designed at Buddhist monasteries. During that time people decorated their houses with newly paints, pictures or images and ranogoli patterns. It is a just like rangoli designs. During Gompa festival women and girls makes various patterns of Rangoli with colors and imagination. People celebrate this festival with folk dance and music. They dance on various musical sounds of cymbals, drums and flutes etc. people during that time enjoy with delicious foods and colorful attire.

Some of designs are beautiful way to express ritual feelings of this region. designs of this monastery festival are very beautiful and charming. It is a sign of ritual thoughts and imagination of people towards their religion. here is a beautiful rangoli pattern or design at Gompa at leh as follows.

One of Eight Auspicious signs of Buddhist Religion In Leh :

leh gompa rangoli design

leh gompa rangoli design

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