Themes of Rangoli Designs – Rangoli with Theme

Themes of Rangoli Design:

Rangoli is one of the most popular or famous traditional art of India. It is an ancient cultural and religious art. During various ritual celebration women in India draw various designs of rangoli in frond of entrance of houses and walls. They draw rangoli pictures to welcome their guest. It is a symbol of invitation to peace, prosperity, wealth and good fortune on religious occasions. Wedding celebration is also famous for rangoli making. There is much kind of rangoli themes famous in India. Women make rangoli designs according to occasion or celebration.

Rangoli themes are a way to reflect purpose of celebration such as rangoli of diyas or lamps on diwali occasion. Diwali is one of most celebrated festival of India. On this occasion of diwali women make lamps and candles as a rangoli theme. Lamps and diyas rangoli are sign of brightness and an invitation to goddess Laxmi. It called religious theme. As like that making of flowers, leaves, animals etc are natural themes. Some of women make various geometric designs on floor and walls it called geometric theme. Making of birds or insects picture is another kind of rangoli theme. Religious symbols also a kind of ranngoli theme and it is a kind of ritual theme of rangoli.

Rangoli is a beautiful art and it not need of practice or expertise. A person can make easily a design of rangoli according to his/her imagination and requirement. To draw various designs maker have to be prepare with instruments of rangoli making. There is a beautiful rangoli video of diwali peacock on festival of diwali as follows.

A Video of Diwali Rangoli:

A Video of Krishna Janmastami Rangoli:

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