Meghalaya Rangoli Designs

Meghalaya Rangoli Patterns:

Meghalaya is one of most beautiful and natural hill station of India. The word ‘Meghalaya’ has a mean of ‘Abode of clouds’, so it is also known as a state of clouds around hills. Shillong peak is higher point of the state. Meghalaya is a very charming place for visitors. During festivals is become more visit able palace for tourist from country side or abroad. Rangoli is a beautiful part of various festivals and auspicious events in Meghalaya. There are many kind of Rangoli designs are popular which effected by culture and traditions of the state.

In Meghalaya there is much kind of festivals famous around all over the world. Festivals in the Garo hills of Meghalaya are one of most celebrated festival. During these festivals they perform wangala dance, doregata dance, pomela dance etc with other ritual acts. Those festivals are also famous for various Rangoli designs. Women in housed make various rangoli patterns in front of their houses. They also make rangoli in courtyards and walls in temples or ritual place in welcome of deities. Rangoli is a beautiful part of this festival.

Diwali is another festival which shows the talent of female with rangoli patterns or designs. Diwali is a festival of Hindu religion and in Meghalaya Hindu people celebrate this festival with lamps, sweats, delicious meals and rangoli patterns. As like those festivals, Festivals in Jaintia Hills, Shad Suk Mynsiem and Festivals in the Khasi Hills are also important festivals of Meghalaya which celebrated with rangoli designs.


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