Beauty in Form of a Beautiful Art

Rangoli designs have very much importance in our country as they are considered as a sign of the good luck. They are drawn on every festival so that the good luck can follow us for the next year.


India is a country of festivals, culture and the tradition. It is a tradition that is being transferred from one generation to the other festival being the soul of our country, people try to make all the festivals delightful with the help of awesome Rangoli designs. None of the festival can be completed without drawing the awesome Diwali designs outside the houses. There are different types of such designs. Some of them are done by making the dots and joining them while others can be drawn free hand. You can draw pictures of trees, animals, birds, lamps, god or anything that you like. You can put bright colors and add beauty to your Rangoli design. You can use all your innovation and creativity to make the Rangoli designs beautiful. You can also draw the Rangoli designs with help of the flowers petals. These Rangolis really looks beautiful and you can keep this till the flowers are fresh. The flowers Rangoli looks lively and natural.

In India you may notice some people drawing designs on the street. The main aim of such designs is to give some kind of social message. They draw some pictures and covey a message like save the girl child, feed the poor etc. This type of street design is found only in India. They also draw designs of some people like freedom fighters etc. You can also see such designs on the wedding venues enhancing the glory of an event. People believe that goddess Laxmi arrives in the place where these designs are there and hence people put on the doors every day. It is also believed that these designs removes the negative thoughts form your mind and it can fill your mind with positive thoughts. Even people residing beyond the Indian sub continent like this art and admire the same.

These designs are made of the color, rice that is colored, flour, sand or the flowers. It can look good in any of the forms or a combination of it. It is a sign of good luck according to the tradition and hence some people also draw it everyday so that they can have the good luck all the time with them. Even kids learn to draw these designs from their elders. Some people also decorate the designs with lamps so that it can look more attractive and bright as well. This is the best way to welcome the guests. So do you want to enhance the beauty of your home on the coming festival? Then draw the best designs and let everyone admire you. There are many creative designs available and you can make use of the same. You can draw a design after taking into consideration the size of the corridor. So now simply do not wait and start getting ready for this Diwali festival !



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