Make A Plan For Beautiful Rangoli Design

Rangoli is a very ancient and one of the most beautiful traditional arts of India. it is an art of festivals and happy events. In Hindu religion it has a great place without any doubt. It is an art of females of houses. They prepare various rangoli designs on various occasions in front of their houses and walls.

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of India. In Hindu religion diwali known as a festival of lights. It is a festival or celebration of victory of goodness over demon. Diwali celebration dedicated to lord Rama who comes back to Ayodhya after killing of demon Rawan. Diwali is a festival of lamps and rangoli. Rangoli is an important part of this festival. Women mark this festival as their Rangoli making. Rangoli is a symbol of welcome. Rangoli is also a praise to lord fro get bless.

Rangoli making is quite simple. It not needs any expertise. Women can make it on house floor with proper rangoli lesson plans. Rangoli lesson planning is not compulsory but it ca enhance the beauty of rangoli design. Rangoli lesson planning is also helps to maker to make various critical designs or to make imagined patterns of Design. Rangoli lesson plans are also help to a student. It is helpful for a student, how to make rangoli designs. There are some of steps have to follow for making of beautiful rangoli designs or patters as follows.

Rangoli Plan:

• Decide the design in mind which you want to make & gather things to rangoli making like colors, brushes, color chalks etc.
• Draw a design first which can erase easily if any mistake have done.
• After drawing appropriate pattern draw it with actual need.
• Color has to fill according to requirement of draw picture or design.
• Make borders around drawing design to enhance its beauty and charm.

There is a video of Rangoli Lesson Plan as follows.

A Beautiful Video of Rangoli Lesson:

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