Tripura Rangoli Patterns

Tripura Rangoli Designs:

Tripura is third smallest state of India with area and geographical location. It is a tribal state of India. there are various tribal communities living with joyous and enthusiasm. People in Tripura celebrate their festivals with sweats, delicious meals, colorful adornments, clean houses, fireworks and rangoli. Rangoli is a traditional art of India which passes from generation to generation with its actual charm. There are many festivals celebrate with various rangoli designs. Rangoli designs in tripura also famous during wedding celebration. During that time of wedding women make various ritual patterns of rangoli in welcome of guest.

Rangoli is a beautiful part of diwali festival in tripura. People comes from Hindu religion celebrate this festivals with great joy. Rangoli is a beautiful part of this festival. Diwali in Tripura is famous for two things as for rangoli and for lightings. Rangoli is a more ritual art than a decorative. Women uses white powders, rice grains, chalk and other instrument to make various designs. Rangoli designs in Tripura includes various themes like shapes of birds, animals, circles, lines, ritual symbols, flowers, leaves etc.

During diwali footprint of goddess Laxmi shows ritual design of rangoli patterns. It is a sing of auspicious thing of festivals in Tripura. They design various rangoli patterns in welcome of guest or god and goddess. There is a beautiful video of rangoli pattern as follows.

Video of a Rangoli Design:

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