The Culture That Speaks

India is the country that has the maximum number of festivals. The celebration starts with good Rangoli designs. In India you can see such Rangoli deigns on the occasions of inauguration, birthdays, weddings, engagement etc. It is the best way to welcome someone. It is part of the Indian culture. This is the natural way to decorate your homes on the functions or the festivals. There are many types of designs. Some draw them by joining the dots while some draw them by free hand. Some draw the pictures of gods, flowers animals or birds while some can draw beautiful scenery. You can use all your creativity and make creative designs. When the people drawn these designs they make sure that their designs are better and different from others. You can also make the Rangoli designs with real natural flowers and these designs will certainly give fresh look for some days at least. Some people use only white color while some use many colors and make it look bright.

In India these are drawn on the streets by some artists. Some people make it for entertaining people while some do this for their earnings. They draw some human beings, scenes or pictures of some ancient people like kings. This is an Indian art which is admired by the people from all over the world. These designs can add beauty to any occasion, festival or event. In Diwali these are drawn for all five days and it i beloved that if you draw these, your home will become pure and goddess Laxmi will enter your home. People draw these so that they get the wealth. It is the soul of Indian culture and tradition. These designs help to remove negative powers from your home. You can increase the beauty of your home by simple designs.

Generally these Rangoli designs are made of Rangoli powder, turmeric and colors. Some south Indian people draw it with the colored rice while some people make use of dry flour. You can make use of as many colors and make that look very beautiful. These designs can be the sign of good luck. You can also use fresh flowers and petals to draw them. People teach this art to their next generation and even today many foreigners come to learn this art. You can also put some lamps in between the design and make that look lovelier. So do you want to us your creativity to decorate your house on these occasions? Then do not wait and take your colors and simply go on. Now let your guests admire you. You can also take help of your friends and make beautiful designs. You can get such designs in the books or even you can find many of the unique and creative designs online. So just welcome your guests in a different way.



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